Karen Hodder ... "getting involved during the planning stage of a project is always optimum because you can get it right, from the outset".


Developers, Architects & Interior Designers Prefer to Engage my Services at the Planning Stage, & Project Managers Appreciate my Service at Delivery & Installation

With 12 years of experience working in the construction industry, Suncoast Cinema Seats Director Karen Hodder, is uniquely qualified to understand the pressures involved in pulling together commercial theatre projects.

“What my clients all have in common, is the desire to deliver quality projects on time, and on budget, with minimum hold ups and down time.

"Importantly, they want to be reassured that the chairs they are buying are produced by an experienced and respected manufacturer, and that the quality of the chairs is guaranteed, before they go ahead and invest.

"For these reasons, I choose to deal exclusively with an experienced, and respected manufacturer of commercial chairs. They are renowned for their ergonomic design (which guarantees supreme comfort), their extreme durability, and their high performance. In fact, my manufacturer holds a number of patents and has achieved International level advanced technology.

After completing a tour of the manufacturer’s operations in China, I was extremely impressed to learn that even the company’s President is instrumental in the design and development of the chairs, with the “President’s Choice” chair being both designed and engineered to his specifications.

I was also genuinely overwhelmed by the degree of cooperation and support shown to me by the company. In all of my years in this industry, this level of support has been rare.”

Karen Hodder
Director, Suncoast Cinema Seats

 Karen is one of the most pleasant, hardworking, and professional suppliers I have ever dealt with over the many years as a Contract Administrator or Project Manager. She cares about her clients, and truly goes a step beyond. The quality of her products, in a niche market, are the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend Suncoast.”

Ryan Hayward
Contract Administrator